First We Had Serbian Textbook Nicolas Cage, Then Vampire Nicolas Cage And Now We Have Black Nicolas Cage

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Nicolas Cage shows up in the strangest places. And I'm not even talking about his movies now, although I think we can all agree those are also very strange. No, I'm talking about the fact that he defies logic, gravity and space to appear places that he shouldn't appear. It's spooky and magical all at the same time. Also it makes me think Ghost Rider may be even more autobiographical than we even want to believe.

Last year someone uncovered a photo of Nic from his Raising Arizona days on the cover of a Serbian textbook. That one can be explained. Photoshop and google images and an incredibly powerful Nicolas Cage fan club operating inside the Serbian school system.

But then things got even stranger! An 1870s photo of Nicolas Cage started circulating on the interwebs. Considering that it's impossible Nicolas Cage could be a middle-aged man in the 1870s and a middle-aged man in 2012, people started speculating that he was a vampire. While it's hard to wrap our mind around the fact that one of America's  favorite actors is a supernatural being, there's just not another reasonable explanation.

And now we have black Nicolas Cage. A redditor found this photo recently and the guy on the bottom right does look a lot like Nic. And knowing Nic, like we know Nic, I don't think it's out of the question that this is him.

So what do you say Internet, is this Nicolas Cage?

(Via Reddit)