Billy Ray Cyrus Confused A Nightline Interview With A Private Family Convo, It Happens

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Billy Ray Cyrus Nightline Interview April 2013

You know that thing when you mean to call your daughter to discuss her shaky relationship with her fiance, and you accidentally end up sitting in front of cameras in a TV Studio? Well father-of-the-year Billy Ray Cyrus knows exactly where you're coming from. Just this week, the father of Miley Cyrus shared his thoughts on his daughter's upcoming wedding to Liam Hemsworth with the world. Because what's privacy compared to a few headlines? USA Today captured the gist of the interview with these quotes.

“They're young. They're kids,” Billy Ray tells ABC News in a Nightline interview to promote his new book, Hillbilly Heart. He adds that they are “great friends.” Will they get married? “I don't know.” When Bob Woodruff asks him what Miley tells him, the singer/dad replied, “I play it by ear and whatever's meant to be, that's what's going to happen.”

While you might think that it's slightly inappropriate for him to discuss his daughter's relationship with Bob Woodruff, you need to keep in mind that books don't sell themselves. Especially books called Hillbilly Heart. So you can look forward to a lot more exploi-parenting moments to come up as he makes his rounds through the media.

What else can you anticipate on his book tour? Well rumor has it that he'll also discuss how Miley dealt with her first period and how upset she was when her relationship with Nick Jonas ended and if she's going to keep her engagement ring if her wedding to Liam Hemsworth never ends up happening and what she looks like when she cries. You know, the normal things that parents share with reporters about their kids.

Oh and don't worry about Miley being upset by any of this. I'm sure she'll She'll twerk it out on her own time. Slash, come on Billy Ray, she got you a TV gig for a few years. Isn't that enough?