Billy Ray Cyrus Joked About Miley Having A Fake Baby, Because That’s A Totally Normal Thing To Do

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Billy Ray Cyrus Joked About Miley Having A Fake Baby  Because That s A Totally Normal Thing To Do Miley Cyrus Billy Ray Cyrus Premiere of Hannah Montana Movie London England April 23 2009 jpg

You know that thing when your dad constantly embarrassed you growing up? Take mine, for example. He thrived on answering the house phone (#flashback) and telling my girlfriends I “no longer lived there” or pretending they had the wrong number. Classic case of dad/daughter teasing, right? Well I guess things are a little different in the Cyrus household–which probably surprises no one–because ol’ Billy Ray does things a little differently. Namely, Twitter. I don’t think most dads out there do Twitter. My dad barely does texting. The other thing he does is pretend his incredibly famous daughter is pregnant and then tweet about it for millions of people to see! LOL! SILLY DAD!

Except it’s super weird. And uncomfortable. And just so very…why??!!  Last night he tweeted the following about Miley Cyrus, with no explanation or follow-up, and left it up for two hours:

I’m sure people automatically went ape shit over the thought of Miley being with child. Specifically, a Schwarzenegger beeb. But he also has other kids, so maybe one of them was expecting a bouncing bundle of Billy Ray joy? What were we left to think?! Well, two hours later he offered his explanation. Except it wasn’t one at all. It was just…weird.

I’m sorry… WHAT. What??  Why is that funny? I would be seriously creeped out if my dad did something like that, but that’s just me and my dad is actually obsessed with the idea of being a “Pappy” or whatever, so this type of joke would alarm me. I know the Cyrus family does things a little….off-kilter…at times, but this is weird, right? RIGHT??

E! claims there have been “pregnancy rumors surrounding Miley”, but I definitely can’t say I’ve heard any and I hear everything. Say what you will, E!, but this is odd.

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