This Music Video For Billy Ray Cyrus’ ‘Achy Breaky 2’ Is More Shocking Than Anything Miley Cyrus Has Done

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22nd Annual Movieguide Awards GalaThe world is collectively reaching a place where nothing Miley Cyrus does can shock us any more. We're used to all her nudity, everyone's so over her breakup with Liam Hemsworth even Miley can't remember where her engagement ring is, and even when she admits she likes to stay home with her dogs rather than party, which I think is part of her PR plan, I can't quite get my hackles up. So to keep the Cyrus name from fading into oblivion, the man of the house took it upon himself to give us all a thrill: Billy Ray Cyrus released a new music video for “Achy Breaky 2.”

We already knew Billy Ray's parenting was suspect. Look at all the things his pop star daughter has done that was shocking before we all got jaded and bored. Plus, his daughter Noah is of the next generation of out-of-control Hollywood kids – he's already letting the 13-year-old drive. Now he's apparently decided he can't let his daughters have all the spotlight. He was famous once too, you know! And not just as the father on Hannah Montana. Billy Ray Cyrus had a music career! Though I use the word “career” loosely, because he was known for only one song: the one hit wonder “Achy Breaky Heart.” You know what's worse than a celebrity who was only famous for a one hit wonder? A celebrity trying to rekindle that fame by remaking the one hit wonder.

Rather than change up the tempo and add a few new chords, Billy Ray decided to totally revamp his song by bringing in some fresh new talent. So fresh that the rapper he chose, Buck 22, doesn't even have a Wikipedia page yet. What resulted is not just a remake but a sequel. “Achy Breaky 2” is somewhat of a pop/hip-hop mash with a pop/country twang during Billy Ray's chorus. Sound weird? Wait until you see the video. Because a Cyrus is involved, it features lots of half naked women shaking their bums, though rather than doing so on stage, they're shooting through outer space on some kind of celestial hovercraft. And lest you forget that Billy Ray is a big deal, they name drop. Buck 22 raps: “Miley keeps on twerkin', daddy's song is workin'.” Is it though?

(Photo: Brian To/WENN.com)