Billy Eichner’s 23 Funniest Tweets To Get You Pumped For The Return Of Billy On The Street

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Billy Eichner Billy on the Street eyeroll


Today is a very important day in the lives of people who enjoy pop culture and funny things. Funny or Die's Billy on the Street returns for a third season on Fuse tonight at 11 PM. That means we get to see Billy Eichner yell at even more people on the streets of New York. I could not be happier. I've been a Billy fan ever since I binge watched the first season of his show On Demand late into the night and got the best ab workout of my life from laughing so hard.

Luckily even when Billy's show isn't airing I can still get a dose of him every so often as Craig on Parks and Rec, and also on his hilarious Twitter account. If you don't follow him @billyeichner, you are missing out. From his obsession with Meryl Streep and the Real Philomena to his all-caps award show live-tweeting, Billy's account is simply the best. If you imagine it all in his voice it gets even better. So in honor of his show coming back, I've rounded up the funniest tweets, in no particular order, for your reading pleasure. Okay, so they might not be THE funniest, because all his tweets are amazing and there are thousands of them, and I can't go through them all, but these are some of my favorites, so deal.

Billy live-tweeting the Oscars is my own personal heaven.

 Like I said. Heaven.

This is just… I have no words.


He also live tweeted the Golden Globes.

And The Sound of Music Live.

Billy knows an important issue when he sees one.

There are way too many Jimmys in the world. We can all agree on that.

Those damn presidents bleed us dry every year.

Um, that is the perfect theory.


Can we get a relationship update, Billy?

Simply a travesty.

Hey, it's finally time! Will we all be dead tomorrow?

Love the hat, Billy.

For serious.

I don't watch Scandal, but this really sums up the reactions I've seen.


We're waiting, Billy.

Yeah, pretty much.

This might be the best description of Taylor Swift I've ever seen.


You guys. I can't handle this.