Billy Crystal Is Hosting The Oscars!

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Billy Crystal Is Hosting The Oscars  billy crystal 4001 jpgSorry, Eddie Murphy, but this is a clear upgrade: Billy Crystal just announced over Twitter that he’ll be hosting the 84th Annual Academy Awards come February. Eddie Murphy stepped down as host just yesterday, after his buddy Brett Ratner got ousted as producer for homophobic comments. (His replacement, Brian Grazer, is also a win for all of us.)

This is fabulous news. Billy’s always been my personal favorite Oscars host; he gets how to wryly play off that year’s movies even if he doesn’t fit their intended demographics, and his comedy style is just humble. Plus, he works well alone; after last year’s missteps with hosting duo Anne Hathaway and James Franco, we could use a simplified show.

Here’s the tweet. Bear in mind that his reps haven’t confirmed it, nor has the Academy, but we have high hopes that it’ll all be set in stone very soon.

Additionally, we now know that Billy uses an iPad. Do you think he’ll incorporate it into his monologue this year? After all, his last time hosting was in 2004; he’s got a lot of ground to cover.