Bill Murray Pushes Green Bay Fan, Reminds World He’s The Best

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The urban legend of Bill Murray in the wild can only be felled by one thing: digital cameras. There are so many stories about the Ghostbusters star doing ridiculous things to unsuspecting plebes in the world that he has his own Urban dictionary definition:

“A Bill Murray story is when you create an outlandish (yet plausable) story that involves you witnessing Bill Murray doing something totally unusual; often followed by him walking up you and whispering, “No one will ever believe you” and walking away.”

But at a Green Bay/Chicago Bears game this week, Bill Murray wasn't prepared for one thing: the friend of the guy he shoved having a camera. But that guy did have a camera. and he produced the awesome photo above.

From BlackBook:

Matt’s friend managed to capture a photo of Murray in mid-celebration, laughing at the rival fans. Naturally, Matt wanted a picture with the legendary actor. Murray’s response to his request? “Nitschke is a pussy.” So much for “No one will ever believe you.”