Bill Murray Imitates A Crying Baby, I Find My New Computer Background

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Bill Murray baby 2013

I'm worried we don't appreciate Bill Murray enough anymore. Sure, he's not as big as he was in his SNL/Ghostbusters/Groundhog Day/Caddyshack days (wow, Billy Murray was in a lot of good stuff), but he's still working! He's playing presidents and starring in pretty much every Wes Anderson movie ever until the end of time. And he remains hilarious. Case in point: this photograph he took with a crying baby. It was submitted by Laura R. to the Tumblr Reasons My Son Is Crying. If you're not aware of this Tumblr, it's basically a collection of photographs of babies mid-cry-face, with captions that detail the silly reasons they're bawling. Examples? “He couldn’t remember Jiminy Cricket’s name” or “A fly landed near him.” It's funny because babies are the worst, am I right? Tiny pooping drama queens.

The Bill Murray photo was understandably captioned “He met Bill Murray.” But Bill Murray isn't standing there awkwardly smiling or trying to comfort the wailing child. Nope. He's just making the same face. I love this because for all Bill knew the only people who would see this photo are the family members who were involved. Okay, so it has to be expected that a photo like this will be spread all over the interwebs. But it was a simple, relatively private moment, not some TV appearance or goofy magazine photo shoot. And it just goes to show that Bill Murray is funny in his everyday life as well. Which is why I think we should see more of him. And why I will probably make this picture my computer background. Okay, so it might be weird to have a stranger's baby as my computer background, but I'll crop out Bill Murray and use that.

But get this. People are so out of touch with Bill Murray's hilarity that they think this is a picture of Tom Hanks. Huffington Post commenters said it, Redditors said it, and Tumblr people said it. Say what?! This is so totally most definitely no question about it Bill Murray. And don't you forget it.

I would now like to see a series of photos of Bill Murray imitating things. Dogs, grandmas, emo teenagers, famous paintings. Make it happen, Internet!

(Photo: Tumblr)