A Very Murray Christmas Is Exactly The Star-Studded Holiday Special The World Needs

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A Very Murray Christmas Is Exactly the Star Studded Holiday Special the World Needs Billy Murray Very Murray Christmas jpg

As you’re no doubt aware, Christmas is coming up. Whether or not it’s coming up soon is arguable, but based on how many twinkly lights and jewelry commercials I’ve been seeing, the world seems to think it’s tomorrow. It’s like as soon as midnight struck on Halloween night, everyone ceremoniously removed their witch’s hats and donned Santa hats. Thanksgiving hasn’t even happened yet, people! Put down the wrapping paper and settle down!

If you’re just as yuletided out as I am, you might be happy to learn that there’s actually something to look forward to this season besides crowded parking lots and Christians complaining about persecution because of a damn coffee cup. That something is A Very Murray Christmas, an upcoming Netflix special starring Bill Murray. (As if I needed another reason to want to legally marry Netflix and have its babies.) The special was co-written and directed by Bill’s Lost in Translation director Sofia Coppola and features plenty of celebrity cameos to make the season bright.

As this new trailer for the special shows, said cameos will include the likes of Amy Poehler, George Clooney, Miley Cyrus, Chris Rock, Maya Rudolph, Rashida Jones, Jason Schwartzman and Michael Cera. And did I mention George Clooney? This trailer makes kind of a big deal about him. I’m just a little disappointed that Emma Stone isn’t included on the cast list, since she and Bill are total bros since Zombieland. I was hoping she’d make an appearance to do a silly dance or something. But no matter. It still looks like a lot of fun. It’ll be available to stream starting December 4, so you can watch it right away or save it for Christmas morning to drown out the sounds of your family. Or whatever you do on Christmas.