Bill Murray Crashed A Bachelor Party And Gave Out Advice, Because That’s What Bill Murray Does

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Bill Murray lost in translation

Today in “celebrities further proving what cool dudes they are” news, Bill Murray spent part of his Memorial Day weekend crashing a bachelor party. And blowing the guests' minds by being Billy Murray. At their bachelor party. Talking to them. And being Bill Murray. Have I made that clear? Not only did he show up, but he chatted and gave out life and relationship advice. It's not certain if any of them will even remember said advice in the morning, since the party seems to also have been crashed by alcohol, but at least it was caught on video.

You can watch that video over at Deadspin, but allow me to set the scene for you. Deadspin reader Stephen attended a bachelor party over the weekend for his friend EJ in Charleston. While eating dinner at a steakhouse, one of the guests noticed Bill Murray was there, so they tried to send him some drinks. He declined, and he also declined going upstairs to talk to the groom.

Then how did they get video of Bill Murray being a party crasher, you ask? Well it's not really party crashing if people were expecting you, is it? Bill ended up walking into the get-together after all. Because, like I said, he's a cool dude, and I'm pretty sure he thrives on seeing people get their minds blown by his presence. There was that time he made fun of a stranger's crying baby in a photograph. Or when he shows up in like every movie when you're not expecting him. Or all these other awesome things he did. So yeah, Bill Murray's pretty awesome, and I'm now considering getting engaged to the first person who'll say yes, throwing a bachelorette party, and crossing my fingers that Bill Murray will be there. Lightning probably won't strike twice, but it's worth the risk.

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