Bill Hader Talking About Kissing Ty Burrell Will Make You Want To Force Him Back To SNL

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Bill Hader Talking About Kissing Ty Burrell Will Make You Want To Force Him Back To SNL Bill Hader Conan January 2014 jpg

Bill Hader left Saturday Night Live last season, and I’ve been in mourning ever since. Sure, I’m happy he’s pursuing other career interests, and sure the people on the show have gotten into a good groove at this point in the season. But he was such a staple on the show for so many years. Now every time I see him I want a law passed that makes him return to my television every Saturday night. It’s just not acceptable for him to be so far away. That was very much the case in this video of him on Conan last night.

The whole interview’s pretty amazing, and it was partly his story about Kristen Wiig calling him and pretending to be sick that got me jonesing for his return. But it was also the story he told after that about kissing Ty Burrell in his new Sundance movie The Skeleton Twins. They play ex-lovers, and Bill says their make-out session was “pretty hot,” but unfortunately it was cut out of the movie.

Possibly no one will be more disappointed by this omission than Bill Hader’s wife, who was very excited — one might say a little too excited — that her husband got to make out with Phil Dunphy himself. She has a huge crush on Ty Burrell, as everyone on earth should in my humble opinion, and on the day Bill shot the scene, she found a way to become an indirect participant. I’ll leave it up to Bill to tell you all about it towards the end of the video, but suffice to say it will make you not only want Bill back on SNL, but it’ll also make you want his wife to join the cast. And probably also Ty Burrell. And of course Kristen Wiig should return. Let’s just get everyone funny on SNL, okay?