Bill Hader Says There Was Almost A Stefon Movie, But We Can All Agree That’s A Bad Idea, Right?

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Stefon laughing

Bill Hader went on Larry King's new Hulu show “Larry King Now” and talked to Larry about the one character he'll probably be forced to discuss in interviews for the rest of his life (and rightly so), Stefon. I would also like him to start talking about all those T-Mobile commercials he's been starring in recently and give an explanation for why that's the gig he chose over returning to my television box on Saturday Night Live each week, but we can't always get what we want. And alas, sometimes we risk getting exactly what we don't want, which in this case is a Stefon movie. We can all agree that would be a disastrous idea, right?

Well, it turns out it was a disastrous idea that Bill Hader and SNL writer John Mulaney actually considered. As Bill explains, “We talked a little bit about an idea for a movie, and then we were kind of like, ‘I don't think it'll work.'” Yes, that was the right way of thinking. It would not work. And I'm saying this as a die-hard Stefon fan. Even when some people lamented that the bit was getting stale, I stood by him and waited with bated breath for his club recommendations each week. But a movie is a terrible idea.

First of all, one of the most consistently entertaining things about watching Stefon on “Weekend Update” is that Bill was constantly cracking up reading lines John Mulaney had written that Bill didn't know about. You couldn't do that with a movie, because you would remove the live aspect. And including an actor breaking in a pre-recorded scene just looks silly. Second of all, Stefon is great for a five-minute sketch every few weeks, but watching him for 90 minutes straight would be exhausting. There are only so many weird sounds Stefon could make and creepy midget-related things he could explain to Seth before you would just want it to end already. A little Stefon goes a long way. Although I have to admit it might be fun to see Stefon away from the “Update” desk and in his everyday life. His final sketch last season, with the Graduate-style wedding ceremony, was pretty great. Maybe Bill can come back every so often and update us on Stefon's life.

Even though you'll (probably, hopefully) never see the movie made, watch Bill explain one of the plots they considered below, and enjoy Larry King's glorious suspenders while you're at it.

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