Bill Cosby Tightropes The Tonight Show Studio With Jimmy Fallon On His Back, Because Why Not?

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Bill Cosby Jimmy Fallon tightrope March 2014

Last night Jimmy Fallon had Bill Cosby on The Tonight Show, and some weird stuff happened. Namely, Jimmy asked Cosby to tightrope across Studio 6B. And because that wasn't wild and crazy enough, he also decided it would be best to take a piggy-back ride on Cosby's back while he did it. This was apparently in keeping with the theme of the show, which was extreme sports. I think we can agree this is probably what Nik Wallenda's next trick will be, and he'll be praying to Jesus the whole time.

After going into a long-winded old man rant about how ridiculous tightrope-walking is, Cosby gets one of those poles and tries to walk across a thin piece of tape on the studio floor. And he somehow has even less success than Justin Bieber in that jail video. All the while Jimmy Fallon is being his usual giggly self in the background. Then they take a quick break to write a song together titled “Put That Pole Down” before Jimmy suddenly climbs onto Cosby's back, because why not? Needless to say, Cosby does not stay on the tape. But he does manage to avoid breaking his back. That I have no explanation for other than magic.

Is it safe to say this is the strangest thing you'll watch today? Most likely. And I think we know who would never do this on his Tonight Show. A certain someone whose name rhymes with May Schmeno. Of course, that means he also wouldn't risk injuring a 76-year-old man so we all have a wacky video to watch the next morning. But Jimmy Fallon knows what we want before we even know ourselves, and that's why we love him. But I'd be cool with him taking a break from this type of segment in the future. My knuckles don't really look their best when they're pale white.

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