Are People Seriously Just Now Realizing That Bill Clinton Is A Hipster?

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This past weekend, Bill and Hillary Clinton set the internet on fire by eating at “graffiti-laden, uber-trendy Brooklyn pizzeria” Roberta’s, which is located in the hip, up-and-coming neighborhood of Bushwick. (You may have read about it in The New York Times!) This is prompting some people to call the Clintons “hipsters,” to which I say: late pass, bro. The Clintons have been hipsters since before you were born. Don't believe me? Here is some multimedia evidence.

1. Bill and Hillary in the '60s

(Via Tumblr)

Look at those fucking hipsters.

2. Remember when he did this?

This was unprecedentedly hip for a presidential candidate.

3. He lends himself well to Internet memes, like this one:

4. And this one:

5. He enjoys fancy bicycles:

(Via BigFishBike)

6. He hangs out with Mick Jagger:

(Via Pacific Coast News)

7. …And Keith Richards.

8. I guess it bears mentioning that he's a vegan now, but that hasn't really been hip since the nineties. (Expensive versions of the greasy junk he used to eat is what is hip now, in case you were wondering.)

9. He used to wear short shorts:

(Via Death and Taxes)

PS: Yowza, Hillary.

10. The nineties are back.

11. He promoted a more swingin' scene by convincing an entire generation of kids that oral sex didn't count as “sexual relations.”

(Via The New York Daily News)

Top Photo: Chris Swanson