18 Amazing Moments You’ll Never Want to Forget Happened In 2013

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9. Jimmy Kimmel pranked us with the twerking girl on fire

Twerking Girl On Fire


And thus ended any trust I had in the Internet. Forever. Seriously, I dare the Internet to try to pull one over on me like this again. Because I got my side eye on everything that's too good to be true. A video of an elephant bottle-feeding an abandoned kitten? Yeah right. Justin Bieber retiring. Get real! Justin Bieber being bottle fed by a kitten that was raised by an elephant? Maybe…

10. Arrested Development's Season 4 finally happened

Arrested Development Ostrich


Sometimes I still have to remind myself that this really happened. After years and years of waiting to see the Bluth family together again, we got a whole season all at once. Plus the ostrich finally got some of that sweet, sweet obscure animal attention that we've been giving so generously to the sloth.

11. Ben Affleck threw shade at Jennifer Garner at the Oscars

Ben Affleck Oscars Nod


Remember that time Ben Affleck used his acceptance speech to talk about his struggles with his marriage in front of the entire country — and then the entire country responded by collectively cringing. Goooood times.

12. A genius invented the “Ryan Gosling Won't Eat His Cereal” vines

Ryan Gosling Won't Eat His Cerea;l Vine


This is the reason that the Internet exists. This meme right here. Try to stop watching it. I dare you. In fact, I double dog dare you. You can't. I know it. It's the best use of a Vine ever. Also, possibly, the best use of Ryan Gosling.

13. Reese Witherspoon turned into a movie character when she got arrested

Reese Witherspoon Talking


With lines that sound like they came straight out of a bad TV movie, Reese Witherspoon actually asked the cop arresting her for a DUI if he knew who she was. Unfortunately for her, he didn't care. And/or saw This Means War in theaters and was still upset about paying money for that mess.

14. Andy Lassner practically peed his pants at a haunted house

Ellen Degeneres Talking About Andy Lassner


While Ellen did many wonderful things this year, the best thing she did was send Andy Lassner (and Amy) to a haunted house. Never have I ever come closer to peeing my pants while watching someone do the same. I can only hope that Ellen continues the tradition for Halloween 2K14.

15. The Sound of Music Live actually aired on TV despite Carrie Underwood's inability to act

Carrie Underwood Sound of Music Live


TV event of the year? I would vote yes and yes. The hills are alive with the sound of snarky tweets and I couldn't be more excited about the fact that there are MORE TV musicals being planned for the coming year. Bring on the bad! Also the stilted acting and the middle school drama class sets.

16. Ryan Lochte's stupidity made local anchors interviewing him cry

Ryan Lochte I Have No Idea


Please tell me you didn't forget about the interview where professional TV anchors started crying from laughter because Ryan Lochte was so very stupid during a live interview. Oh you did? Well stop what you're doing and watch it right now. It's by far the best local news clip you'll watch this year. We can only cross our fingers that the 2014 Olympics will give us an athlete just as beautiful and just as stupid.

17. Anna Kendrick tweeted about masturbating to Ryan Gosling in a movie theater

Anna Kendrick Talking


And a girl crush is born. Also a Twitter crush. The girl never ceases to entertain, especially when her celebrifriends get involved.

18. Kate Middleton looked amazing mere moments after giving birth

kate middleton prince william prince george first photos

(Photo: Euan Cherry/WENN.com)

Proving that she's possibly our first real magical princess. I mean, that hair! That glow! That smile that does not at all reveal the fact that she pushed a child out of her body the day before! A CHILD! OUT OF HER BODY! Disney, get on this story and get on it fast.

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