The Best Tweets That 100% Describe Your Feelings on the Big Brother Season 19 Cast Announcement

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For some, the summer means “wedding season” or “school's out” — for others, the end of June, July and August are strictly for one thing: Big Brother. Whether you're a “casual” (someone who only watches the show on-air) or a feeder/superfan, you've probably been waiting for this moment for a loooong time: Season 19 cast announcements. Yes, I know we're all confused because like, is it actually season 19? Are we counting BB: Over the Top as a real season? The answer is no, that was a fake season (sorry, Morgan Willett) and this is the REAL BB19.

FINALLY we know who we're going to be virtually spending the summer with — thanks to CBS' giving us photos, short interviews (with Jeff Schroeder, of course), and bios that prove some of them are just as lame as they look. Any true BB fan looked at the cast list the second it went live, found all of the cast members' Instagrams and decided who they're officially rooting for so we decided to give you something else. Memes.

Keep scrolling to see the best memes and tweets about BB19‘s brand-new cast.

1. “Well… are you gonna finish?”


2. We're all looking for the next Mama ‘Da


3. After the whole Nicorey thing last season…


4. Wrong answer…


5. Because we know who America's Favorite Houseguest is already…


6. Literally, every season though??


7. Hi, Julie!


8. Us vs. Them


9. Tbh, I think this cast is pretty cute


10. Last summer was a summer full of showmances and look where that got us, though…


11. They can't all be the next Derrick


12. We already had a Cody and he was mediocre at best


13. Yeah, that's not gonna fly here…


14. Seems ~fishy~


15. About these interviews…


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