This Season Of Big Brother Is Finally Over, So Here Are The First Of Many Racist Apologies

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This Season Of Big Brother Is Finally Over  So Here Are The First Of Many Racist Apologies Aaryn Gries crying Big Brother 15 September 2013 640x351 jpgThe most racist season of Big Brother to date ended last night, so all the semi-apologies from the worst offenders have been rolling out today, right on schedule. In case you’re not up-to-date on this situation, you can remedy that here, but the basic jist is that this season has been incredibly offensive. There have been so many derogatory comments made about African Americans, homosexuals, and Asian Americans, that all three of the finalists had been fired from their real life jobs by the time the finale aired last night.

But of course, the entire cast has been sequestered all summer, so no one had any idea that they were being torn apart in the media, and now they’re scrambling trying to undo months of bad press and convince everyone that even though their actions were recorded 24/7, we somehow got this out of context.

Andy Herren, this season’s winner, says:

“I’m really sorry that the season may be seen in a negative light. If anyone was offended, I certainly am sorry. There are a lot of wonderful people in the house, and I really hope all this doesn’t dampen the entire season.”

In Andy’s defense, he was actually the target of a lot of the season’s homophobic commentary, and he only lost his job three days before the finale when he failed to object to another house mate’s referral to evicted cast members as ‘robotic biracials’.

Amanda Zuckerman, who is the only person on this list who hasn’t (yet) lost her job in the fallout, says:

“I am really sorry for anything I may have said that offended anybody. There was never any malicious intent by me or anybody else.”

Well that’s good. As long as no one maliciously used the n-word, we should be just fine, right? For a second, I was worried you wouldn’t have a good excuse.

Aaryn Gries has had a little longer to ponder her response, since she was evicted last week, and she says:

“This has been a great learning experience for me. I have really grown a lot.”

Not great, but admittedly better than her previous excuses which were, “I’m Texan” and “wait, but I can’t be racist because here is a photograph with me and a black guy.”

[UPDATE: Want to watch the moment Aaryn first hears she lost her job? (Yes. You do.)]

And finally, we come to GinaMarie Zimmerman, whose attempt at an apology is my favorite:

“I do apologize. That’s not me. Sometimes things were said out of anger. I’m Italian, and I have a big heart. I’m used to being around a lot of different races.”

Soooo sorry guys, I swear only say racist things when I get angry, and it’s only because I’m Italian! Don’t get it twisted, I’ve seen lots of races in the wild before.

So charming. Keep up the great work, guys! I’m betting you’ll all have publicists by tomorrow.

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