Big Brother 8: Nominations & Food Competition Spoiler!

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The week is off to a big start. First the news of the nomination. With Jessica as the Head of Household, it’s no surprise that she put Dick and Daniele up and said it was because of what they did to Eric last week. Dick is ready to leave in order to save Daniele. We’ll see if that’s necessary, once the POV competition takes place.

They also held the food competition this week and Daniele, Dick, and Dustin are all on slop this week. Apparently, Dick gave Jen a slop pas so she’ll get a break from the month of slop eating. (And it won’t hurt to have her vote the way he wants…)

From what we can tell, the Food competition must have been grueling, because they were doing things like smashing guitars. Eric, who suffers from asthma wasn’t able to breathe comfortably for a while after the competition had ended.

As soon as there’s more news from the BB house, you’ll see it here. So what do you think of Dick and Daniele on the block? Who do you hope goes home? Leave a comment to let us know!

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