Big Brother 10: Libra Is Evicted

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Big Brother 10  Libra is Evicted libra elim jpgIt was one of the most volatile weeks I’ve ever seen on Big Brother. Everyone had arguments, crying spells and there were a lot of hard feelings among the group. Michelle spent the week trying to work both sides against each other, Jerry spent the week trash talking Dan (at least he’s no longer focusing on trashing Memphis as much) and Ollie & April talked a lot about the possibility of a future together outside of the house.

Then came the live vote. Here’s how the houseguests voted:

Renny: Libra
Memphis: Libra
Jerry: Libra
Dan: Libra
Ollie: Libra
April: Libra

By a vote of 6 to 0, Libra has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Surprisingly, everyone voted the same. There was a movement up until last night to get 4 votes to keep Libra and boot Keesha, but Dan wouldn’t jump sides again.

Then in the HOH competition the houseguests had to buzz in and answer which of the evicted houseguests had said the quote in the Diary Room. We at home had an easy time of that one, since we had seen all of those quotes before. It was a great challenge, though, because it was one that literally anyone could win.

It came down to Keesha against Renny, but Renny won and is the new Head of Household. Will she put up April and Ollie? Or Jerry? Michelle? It should be interesting to find out.

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