16 Offensive Moments in The Big Bang Theory That Made Us Cringe

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For some reason, The Big Bang Theory is still on our screens after a ten-year run. Sure, it’s a popular show amongst some people, but it’s also just a general embarrassment. It’s full to the brim of sexism, racism, and ableism while being pretty much devoid of any actual jokes. Over the years, there have been so many moments that have made viewers cringe so hard they didn’t think such second-hand shame was possible. For example, why on earth does anyone like Howard after hearing all of the misogynist nonsense he spouted in the show’s early seasons? Why is nobody a bit concerned that Leonard and Penny have ended up married despite having a pretty toxic relationship for years? These are just two of life’s many Big Bang Theory-related mysteries.

If you’re looking for any more evidence that Big Bang seriously needs to get canceled as soon as possible, take a look at these cringe-worthy moments from the last eleven seasons. You’ll end up wondering how the show won so many Emmy’s, and why nobody’s told Chuck Lorre to stop yet.