Beyonce’s Face Has Not Changed At All In 5 Months Of Pregnancy

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Now that we have reason to suspect that Beyonce‘s a pregnancy-faking liar, we're seeing clues to her charade everywhere. How come she hasn't gained a bit of weight anywhere but in that impressive belly? Because really, her face has stayed exactly the same throughout the entirety of this alleged pregnancy.

The image above shows a morph between a photo taken last May, around the time Beyonce would have gotten pregnant, and a photo taken about two weeks ago, well into the period when Beyonce had been sporting an impressive baby bump. (Ugh, is there any term worse than “baby bump”? Sorry.)

Is this necessarily proof that Beyonce's faking her pregnancy? No, some pregnant women simply don't gain as much weight in other areas of their bodies. However, the degree to which Beyonce's face stays exactly the same is rather alarming — if not because it proves she's a pregnancy-faking nut, but because it proves she might be a robot.