Stop Trying To Make A Beyonce Nip Slip Happen (NSFW-ish)

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Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show

As previously reported, Beyonce gave a performance at the Superbowl that was pyrotechnic in its amazingness…literally! (Remember when sparks flew out of the guitar?!) It was certainly the best halftime show in recent memory and maybe the best of all time, forever and ever, amen. But certain ne'er do wells on the internet are trying to sully Bey's flawless execution with a nasty little rumor that Beyonce, of the Always Nailing It To The Wall Beyonces, experienced that most unprofessional of Superbowl booboos.

They are holding up for evidence this totally realistic digital image:


This person has clearly never seen a breast before, though, because everyone knows nipples go right in the middle of them, and that nipple is not even close to the middle. Most human nipples also do not look like they were drawn using the oval tool in MS Paint, then filled in using the bucket tool.

An animated GIF of the alleged moment reveals little to support the nip slip thesis:


And a video shows that the “areola” may very well be made of Bey's hair:

Beyonce's mom might not make her costumes anymore, but that doesn't mean she's going to let her nipples fly about all willy nilly, knocking people out and costing people money. The de facto Queen of America would never allow such a thing to happen. That said, an MS Paint/hair Beyonce nipple is better than no Beyonce nipple at all, so feel free to masturbate to it if you must.

(Via slumz)

Photos: WENN, slumz