This Beyonce Rehearsal Video Will Make You Forget They Also Play Football At The Superbowl

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Beyonce SuperbowlIs there anything else going on this Sunday other than the Beyonce concert? I can't remember. Queen Bey has released rehearsal footage for the big show on this weekend and it has me almost forgetting that there's also going to be a Superbowl being played. You know, all those guys in skintight bodysuits dancing around telling me to put a ring on it. Or wait. That's still Beyonce-themed. The football guys are the ones who throw the pigskin around and try to give themselves concussions.

But regardless, as a non sports fan, I will be tuning in Superbowl Sunday for one reason and one reason only, and that reason is named Beyonce Knowles. Ever since I got cheated out of a decent halftime show last year by the elderly, scantily-clad marionette that was Madonna, I haven't quite felt fulfilled. Actually, now that I think about it, I can't recall really enjoying a halftime show since Britney Spears and those football pants one year and the birth of the term ‘wardrobe malfunction' with Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson in 2004. I'm sure there have been great artists since then, but no one stuck in my head. But now we have official video footage of Miss Knowles rehearsing with her back-up dancers, and I couldn't be happier.

Everyone is so nailing itttt. I'm so happy. This is a woman who was made to perform on a large-scale, and there is no larger scale than the Superbowl. The song backing the video is Countdown, and it's hard to imagine a Beyonce performance with this much hype where she doesn't do Single Ladies, so I might end up popping my pants in excitement. And add on to that the fact that we might be returning to my childhood roots with a rumored Destiny's Child reunion? Be-still my beating heart.