Beyonce Launches A Tumblr To Show Off Her Fabulous Life…And It Is Fabulous

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Blue Ivy‘s mother, Beyonce Knowles, just launched a tumblr. That's right, you and Beyonce both have Tumblrs. Twinsies! Except I think Beyonce confused a tumblr with a fan site because it's all photos of her. Seriously, there were so many photos of her that I expected to see a self-mirror-shot in there somewhere.

I was hoping for at least one exciting announcement on the tumblr, I mean her husband used it to show off the first photos of Blue Ivy. Sure Jay-Z and Solange make a few cameos throughout the neverending picture album, but mostly it's just photos of her living the life.

Seriously, she lives a great life. In case you weren't sure just how great and glamorous her life is, just take a look at these photos. She looks beautiful, she looks relaxed and she looks like someone who poses for “candid” shots. You know those girls. The ones who are like “take a photo of me spontaneously laughing!” But those girls never performed in Destiny's Child or birthed the most controversial baby of 2012.  So that's why it's totally okay when Bey does it. Look at these photos and you'll agree.

Beyonce just relaxing on a beach hammock. Not a care in the world. Surrogacy rumors be damned. Divas have got to nap.

Divas also have to drink. At beach bars. Yes the beautiful Beyonce's happy hours take place at beach bars. Natch.

And when she's done drinking, she can jump on a boat and for a little snorkel. Just a little afternoon snorkel fest.

Snorkel fests get totally tiring though when you're posing so much though. So time to jump on a raft and go for a boat ride!

When you're done soaking up the rays, it's time to retire to the smoke ring blowing room. That's a thing when you're rich. Houses just come with smoke ring blowing rooms. Usually next to the library and above the wine cellar.

What's next for the fabulous Bey? You'll have to keep checking her tumblr to find out. Maybe by the time you do that, she'll get the official tumblr starter kit and start mixing in a few Ryan Gosling memes and Dance Moms gifs.