Beyonce Gives Kelly Rowland Such A Toxic Stink Eye In This Vine That I’m Surprised She Survived

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Beyonce throwing shade kelly rowland destinys child

In the mood to take a blast to the past with me and visit a little group I like to call Destiny's Child? Yes? Great, because we're going to have to have so much fun hanging out together in the late '90s together. Like, omg, your hair's going to look sooooo good crimped. And don't even get me started on hawt that Baby G watch will make you look.

So yeah, it's the late '90s and Beyonce Knowles (yep, still having to tack that Knowles on back then), Kelly Rowland, Not Michelle Williams and Also Not Michelle Williams were doing some sort of interview. Apparently they did those back then too! And Kelly Rowland's all like, “I'm second lead vocalist” and Beyonce's all like “um, go off yourself because yeah right.” Except she doens't say that aloud. It's all said with her eyes. Then she throws a cough in there for added emphasis.

Sure at first you might think Kelly's being honest by calling herself the second (as in not the first) lead vocalist. But then you'll probably remember that Beyonce's the lead vocalist, the second lead vocalist and the third through ninth lead vocalist in any kind of group where vocalists are needed. So Kelly didn't just step over the line, she took a running leap and landed right in the middle of the elephant graveyard. In retrospect, it's actually quite impressive that Beyonce stopped short of kicking her out of the group right then and there. Then again, that's probably the exact interview that helped her decide to go solo. Beyonce doesn't need a second lead vocalist or a last name for that matter.

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