Beyonce Says The Visual Album Is About Feminism, I Give Her A Standing Ovation

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Beyonce explaining The Visual Album December 2013Do you want to know somewhere in the world that there isn't a glass ceiling? Over my love for Beyonce. I just keep rising up into it like I'm in a magical elevator of respect and appreciation, and every time I expect my head to gently nudge the ceiling, I just rise up to the next floor of appreciation.

As well I should, because Beyonce is a literal wizard. There's no other explanation for the fact that she was able to secretly create an album with fourteen songs and seventeen videos with big name artists like Drake, Sia, Frank Ocean, and Timbaland AND RELEASE IT WITH ABSOLUTELY NO FANFARE. That's impossible, so all it serves to prove is that Beyonce is magic. I will accept no other explanations.

And with that kind of benevolent witchcraft behind an album, you don't really need to even bother impressing me further. But this is Beyonce we're talking about, so naturally — she did. She's been releasing a mini-video series on YouTube explaining her motivation for the album, and Part Two is subtitled ‘Imperfection'. She talks about a lot of stuff, but the main thing is looking back and her life and deciding what's important.

She's found that, unlikely as it is, one of the most important things in her life has been losing — the knowledge that you can make all the sacrifices, lose all the time, do all the work, and still lose. You can throw your whole self into something and still not get it. And after all the accomplishments of her life, and all the trophies that she's collected, she says:

“Nothing feels like my child saying ‘Mommy'. No, nothing feels like when I look at my husband in the eyes. Nothing feels like when I'm respected; when I get on the stage and I see I'm changing people's lives. Those are the things that matter. And at this point in my life, that's what I'm striving for. Growth, love, happiness, fun — enjoy your life, it's short. That's the message.”

It may not be the particular brand of feminism that people want from her — probably the same people who were pissed when she used her married name for the Mrs. Carter Tour — but I love that Beyonce knows what's important to her as a human and that she's not gonna put her career before her family.

Have I mentioned recently that I'm obsessed with this woman? So wise.