The Creative Director Of Beyonce’s Album Explains How The Eff They Kept It A Secret

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Beyonce GIFMan, when I saw that Vulture had done an interview with Todd Tourso, the Creative Director of Beyonce‘s new piece of imperfect, feminist wizardry that is The Visual Album, I could not click it fast enough. All I've wondered about since the moment it dropped was how they were able to keep it a secret the whole time, and now we're about to find out.

Obviously my first suspicion was that anyone who worked on the songs or the videos was forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement that essentially threatened their death if they ever broke it. But then I remembered that this is Beyonce we're talking about, and that as a literal angel floated down from heaven to teach us about hard work, she would never advocate murder. No matter how important the secrets were.

So then my next theory was that Beyonce and Jay Z are so respected in the industry that people agreed not to tell. But that only takes them so far, especially considering how many people she collaborated with for the album. There had to be something I wasn't considering. Maybe the Illuminati? I need answers. I give up with my guesses, Mr. Todd Tourso. Please give to me your wisdom. HOW DID YOU KEEP IT A SECRET?

“It’s funny that everyone freaks out on that. But the sad truth is I think it’s just like, in real life, where if you want it to be a secret, you just don’t tell anyone.”

Wait, no. It can't be as simple as all that. Also I resent you acting like I'm freaking out because I am not freaking out. I always sweat and pace this much.

“Everyone who was in it knew they were in a Beyoncé video, and they would ask when it was coming out, and we would be like, “I don’t know, sometime next year, we’ll see.” And then I would be like, “Oh, we might not even use it, it might just be scrapped.” Everyone was just so happy to be working with her and with the directors, that I don’t think it was as difficult to give those kind of answers.”

SO YOU LIED. But not really. But a little. Mostly just misled, which is something I think you're doing now, too, because this doesn't seem like a full answer. Beyonce hasn't had an album out since 2011, two years ago, and you expect me to believe that no one on those sets casually tweeted that they were working on her new video?

I don't know, dude. I'm glad you're starting to give answers, but I think there's more of a trick to keeping an entire album of fourteen songs and seventeen videos secret than just ‘not telling anybody'. C'mon.

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