We Now Have Video Proof That Beyonce Didn’t Use A Surrogate For Blue Ivy

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Ever since I first heard the conspiracy rumors that Beyonce faked her pregnancy and used a secret surrogate mother to house Blue Ivy, I followed them religiously. As a real American, I obviously worshipped the ground Beyonce walked on. But that didn't stop me from also spending late nights cruising the Internet Superhighway for more signs that Beyonce flaunted a fake belly. And here's the thing about insane conspiracy theories, once you start believing them — everything seems possible.

Yes, I am one of the people who claimed that Beyonce wore a prosthetic and paid off paps to photoshop this infamous “guys, I really am pregnant” photo on the beach.  I made it my job to convince non-believers that Beyonce faked her pregnancy and I took a sick satisfaction in hearing them voice their suspicions after seeing the Beyonce Belly Deflatin' Video.

But that all ends today. Sadly.

In a new trailer for the upcoming Beyonce documentary on HBO, we see actual footage of Beyonce sporting her baby bump. Sure, sure, sure she could be showing off her prosthetic belly again. But that would be a huge risk for her to take if it really was fake. Why go out her way to risk exposing that secret. That would be an insane choice to make for someone trying to cover up one of the biggest celebrity conspiracies of all time.

And that's why I'm ready to admit Beyonce really did carry Blue Ivy.

Ugh. This is the worst. I finally understand what it means to mourn something. Farewell secret surrogate rumors. I'll miss you more than you will ever know.