Beyonce Released An Entire Surprise Album Last Night, Because Why Wouldn’t She?

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‘Twas the night before December 13th and nobody was thinking about a new Beyonce album. Okay, I'm sure some people were. There has to be at least one person thinking about a new Beyonce album at any given time. But this time those bootylicious sugar plums dancing through people's heads turned into a real-life Christmas gift for everyone to enjoy. Just before midnight last night, Beyonce announced a surprise self-titled album released exclusively on iTunes (with a CD/DVD coming in time for gift-giving), and then she just released it to the world like a beautiful dove. That is like such a classic God move. Oh, you didn't know Beyonce is God? Where have you been?

Beyonce calls this a “visual album,” saying in a video announcement, “I see music.” That's a little confusing for my senses, which have very specific job descriptions that don't usually get mixed up like that. I guess they'll just have to make some adjustments. The album features fourteen songs and seventeen videos, all of which have previews available to watch on her YouTube channel. If you want a preview of those previews, check out a couple of the videos at the end of this post.

But first let's talk about the collaborations. They include Drake, Frank Ocean, and those people she lives with… what are their names again? Oh right, Jay Z and Blue Ivy. That's right, I said Blue Ivy. The baby. I'm surprised it took so long for this to happen. Shouldn't Blue have already had a number one single the day after she was born?

Beyonce explained the reasoning behind releasing the album this way (besides a desire to make the Internet explode):

“Now people only listen to a few seconds of song on the iPods and they don't really invest in the whole experience. It's all about the single, and the hype. It's so much that gets between the music and the art and the fans. I felt like, I don't want anybody to get the message, when my record is coming out. I just want this to come out when it's ready and from me to my fans.”

This is Beyonce's fifth studio album and her first in two years. What took you so long, Bey? Oh well, I guess she's a grown woman. She can do whatever she wants.

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