See If You Can Tell If Beyonce Is Lip-Synching In These Superbowl Rehearsal Photos

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Beyonce 2Beyonce is a keen pop culture machine, you guys. Maybe more than anyone else, she controls what is written and said about her, and how much of her personal life is revealed.

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Think about it — she's absurdly famous in her own right, and married to Jay-Z, one of the most high-profile people in music. They have a kid together, Blue Ivy, whom everyone knows the most minute details about…except no one's ever seen the front of her face. Beyonce has somehow found the perfect balance of privacy and openness, I think by controlling the amount and type of information that's in the media about her…by releasing it herself.

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When you really think about it, she's a genius. She releases her own, high-quality behind-the-scenes photos, like of Blue Ivy or home life or these pictures of herself rehearsing for Sunday's Superbowl performance, and people go crazy over them.

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She doesn't have to worry about bad angles or unflattering light or compromising situations.

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She probably still has to worry about big crowds of paparazzi, but by taking and releasing pictures herself, she controls what her fans see and rewards them for checking her website instead of trolling the gossip sights. It's pretty intelligent.

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It also means that when scandals go down like the Beyonce lip-synching thing, it doesn't really matter. She's so well-loved and respected that after a few-day scuffle, no one really cares.


Everyone's content to forgive her for something she's never denied doing, that many other artists would've done under the same pressure, and wait contentedly for her HBO documentary to come out in February and to ooh and ahh over the inevitably impressive pyrotechnics at the Superbowl.

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So as your reward for being a faithful friend to both Queen Bey and Crushable, please find for your enjoyment various rehearsal pictures sprinkled throughout this post. You're welcome.

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