Fans Are Speculating That Beyonce’s New Song ‘Heaven’ Is About Her Miscarriage

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Beyonce screen shot from 'Heaven' on The Visual Album December 2013Most of us are still recovering from the fact that Beyonce somehow blindsided the entire internet with her secret album last night like some kind of wizard. (Some of us are also recovering from the Crushable holiday party, which was last night as well, but that's a different story).

But while you and I are still trying to wrap our brain around how she was able to keep fourteen songs and seventeen videos a secret from the entire planet, some of her fans have already been listening to the music and forming opinions on it. For example, the song ‘Heaven', which is a throaty ballad whose video features Beyonce crying while important moments show on the screen, like a young woman getting married and trying to drag Beyonce into a tattoo shop.

A lot of fans are speculating that this must be a song about the miscarriage that Beyonce suffered before she and Jay Z had Blue Ivy, and I'm inclined to think they're right. I haven't bought the full version on iTunes yet, but just in the thirty second preview clip, all the signs are there. It's Beyonce crying over the fact that she'll never get the chance to do all those things with her daughter or see her hit those milestones because, as she says in the lyrics, “heaven couldn't wait for you”.

“I fought for you the hardest

It made me the strongest

So tell me your secrets

I just can’t stand to see you leaving”

Pretty devastating song when you think about it in that context. Can't wait to hear / watch the rest of the album.