Beyonce Singing With A Terminally Ill Girl Will Leave You Sobbing (Or Your Heart Is Frozen)

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Beyonce singing with Taylon at her Las Vegas concert December 2013I already knew that I didn't have what it takes to be Beyonce, but with every new thing she does, I'm not sure I even have what it takes to hold it together emotionally while watching Beyonce. I mean there's a chance I'm just not meant to share a planet with her, given that this year alone, she's proven multiple times that she's a benevolent goddess descended from the sky to A. bring us music and B. make everyone else look bad with her genuine acts of kindness and generosity.

And her newest good deed is no exception to that rule, so do what you can to batten down the hatches on your tear ducts, because there's a mighty rain coming. I can almost guarantee it.

At a recent concert in Las Vegas, Beyonce had a special guest named Taylon, who is terminally ill with an inoperable brain tumor, and her dying wish through the incredible Make-A-Wish Foundation was to dance with Beyonce. I'm already primed, because I'm so touched by the work they do, and it's so tragic when kids get sick, but it only gets harder to watch from there.

Beyonce hugging Taylon at her show in Vegas December 2013

Beyonce spends quite a while with Taylon in the front row, singing ‘Love On Top' and ‘Survivor', but Beyonce pretty much had me at hello from the first hug after she literally swooped down from the sky right in front of Taylon. I'm admittedly an extremely emotional person — I recently (and embarrassingly) cried during my first-viewing of The Simpsons Movie because I was worried about the state of Marge and Homer's marriage — but this video had me literally sobbing. Like, noises were issuing from my throat and my heart was actually hurting. You should definitely watch it, because it's amazingly touching, but I just wanted to warn you about what you're in for.

Taylon is just so overwhelmed with emotion herself, and her family is there, and oh man. I say this a lot in situations where I shouldn't, but in this case it's apt — I really can't even handle this.