Live Vicariously Through This Video Of Beyonce Singing Happy Birthday To A Fan Mid-Concert

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Beyonce sings happy birthday to fan at Glasgow concert February 2014

I recommend you come back to this post whenever your next birthday rolls around so you can re-experience having Beyonce sing “Happy Birthday” to you when it's a little more appropriate. Whether it's your birthday or not, though, you're going to want to watch the video that Shehnaz Khan recorded of Beyonce serenading her mid-concert for her 22nd birthday. It perhaps would have been more appropriate if Taylor Swift had sung it, but we will make no complaints where Beyonce is involved.

During a concert at the LG Arena in Birmingham, England, Beyonce noticed that Shehnaz had a sign saying it was her birthday, and she asked her name before coming down to the crowd to hold her hand and sing to her. Shehnaz told the Birmingham Mail all about her experience:

“I was wearing a birthday badge which she noticed early on in the show, she kind of nodded in acknowledgement. I've been to quite a few of her gigs. But I can't believe she stopped the show for me.”

It turns out Shehnaz didn't even realize her camera was recording the moment, but luckily it was, and luckily she uploaded the POV video to the Internet so we can all live vicariously through it. The part we can't live vicariously through is the part where Beyonce's management upgraded her and her five friends to sit in the VIP area. Since she says she's a superfan who's been to 22 Beyonce concerts since she was 10, I guess it's about time.

And this isn't even the first time Beyonce has done something like this! That photo at the top of this post is from last week during her Glasgow concert when she sang “Happy Birthday” to an 18-year-old girl named Julia. Between this, the photobombing, and the crouching down to sing to a blind girl, if you don't know that Beyonce is God, what are you even doing with your life?

(Photo: David Sims/WENN.com)