This Video Of Beyonce Singing With A Blind Girl Will Melt Your Heart, I Swear It

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I guess somebody told Beyonce that Justin Bieber has been kind of a brat about, y'know, actually going to and staying at his shows lately, so she figured there was some balancing out to be done. For every crappy thing that he does to his fans, she seems to have taken it upon herself to tip the scales back toward the positive by doing something completely amazing onstage at her own concert.

Last week I thought she'd set the bar as high as it could go by photobombing that girl taking a selfie and then FaceTiming with someone's friend mid-concert, thereby blowing their mind forever and ever. But she didn't stop there. This weekend, at a show in Perth, Australia, Beyonce stopped her show briefly to sing a duet with a thirteen-year old girl named Sophie Kotkis. Sophie is blind, hearing-impaired, and has muscle difficulties, but she was front row at the concert, having a great time. And then Beyonce comes over and asks her to introduce herself and if she'll help sing the next song, and she starts grinning  crazy huge in a way that makes my heart happy and my eyes misty.

It's so easy for celebrities to make an enormous difference in a fan's life, and I love it that Beyonce makes that a priority so much of the time. She has Sophie sing two rounds of the chorus of ‘Irreplaceable', patiently waiting when I think she gets overwhelmed and doesn't know when to come in, and then sings a whole verse to her. And because she's blind, Beyonce touches her face and hair throughout it, and it's just so gentle and loving that I don't feel like it's exploitative at all. There are very few people who can pull off the tender cheek touch, but Beyonce just proved that she's one of them.

I think there are definitely some artists who would do something like this as a publicity move, but Beyonce does it so often and in such an earnest way that I think it's genuine. I feel like she just really wants everyone to have a great time at her shows, and however she can contribute to that, she does. BEYONCE KNOWLES, EVERYBODY. AMERICAN HERO.