Beyonce Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Photoshopping Her Instagram Pictures

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Beyonce black and white GIF hand motionWhy must you do this to us, Beyonce? Why must you taunt us with your healthy body image and self-love, and then turn right around and Photoshop an Instagram picture? WHYYYY??

As you may recall, this isn't the first time Beyonce has been accused of such an egregious sin against us world-running girls. Earlier this year, she was accused of doctoring a photo on a golf course to make her thighs appear skinnier. That was difficult enough for us to go through, but this time around, the touch of the photo-editing wand was much more noticeable, making it that much more devastating. Don't believe me? Just look at this picture that Beyonce posted to her account yesterday:

Usually it takes a pretty trained eye to pick up Photoshop blunders, but this one is pretty obvious. Just look at the warped line of Beyonce's iPhone, lying on the table. Got it? Great. And then check out her wine glass, which is also strangely warped. And what do those two items have in common? They're both right in line with Beyonce's leg, which forms an oddly straight line where it meets the couch. Almost like it had been edited in some way?? Sure seems like it to me.

Which is a real bummer, because we here at Crushable had a pretty tough weekend, between one thing or another, and we were really counting on being able to look to Beyonce as a beacon of shining light in this cold cruel world. If we can't rely on Bey embracing her curves, then how are we supposed to love on our own bad selves?!?!?

(Image: globalgrind)