Beyonce Photobombs A Fan At Her Concert, Simultaneously Proves That God Works In Mysterious Ways

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Beyonce Photobombs Valentina During Selfie at concert

For as long as I can remember, I've believed that Beyonce's God. Not a god, but God with a capital G. The fact that she photobombed a fan last night at her own concert only makes me believes this more. While we'll never know exactly what went down before this selfie, we can assume that she spotted Valentina taking a selfie while performing and then proceeded to just pop in for the photobomb. Because why not? Why not make someone's day life by posing for a photo?

The fact that she photobombed in itself is amazing. When you realize that this is the same woman who managed to keep singing at a concert earlier this fall while a fan tried to kidnap her, it becomes astounding. Factor in the time that she continued to perform as her hair got tangled up in a fan and it's downright miraculous. Water into wine? Try selfie into viral sensation!  To put it bluntly, there's simply no way that this “woman” is made up of normal human parts. She's just too perfect at performance-multi-tasking for that to be possible.

Beyonce photobomb valentina concert

And she knows this. For an international superstar, she's surprisingly self-aware. Which, keep in mind, does not mean modest. It just means that she knows she's powerful and she's not going to try to hide it from us normals. Look at her face in this photo. Is that the face of someone who's just popping into say hello? Or is that the face of someone who knows that she's about to change a young woman's life forever?

#HolyShit is right Valentina, God photobombed you last night and nothing's ever going to be normal again.

(GIF/Photo: Tumblr)