Watch Then Beyonce Dance With Now Beyonce In This Awesome Pepsi Ad

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Beyonce Pepsi adThere's a new Pepsi ad out called ‘Mirrors' that features Beyonce dancing with her past selves to a new song of hers that's apparently called ‘Grown Woman', and I think it's pretty creative and great. She starts out in some big rehearsal studio with three full-size mirrors, and multiple iterations of her past personas appear and dance with her.

The first one is from her Destiny's Child period, like late ‘Bootylicious' era. You remember, when pop groups would wear like half outfits. “It's a skirt! But only on one side! The other side is booty-short overalls!” The next version of herself is wearing the outfit from ‘Crazy In Love', from her first solo years. These alternate Beyonces are all mirroring her every move in the glass, and she tests them by throwing her body around on the floor to see if they stay in sync. Which is what I do, also, when I'm trying to see if my shadow is really mine or someone elses — PELVIC GYRATIONS GALORE. And finally we have Sasha Fierce, of course, with her dark hair and her pantsless body suit and her robot glove. We get a little unintentional plot line here, as Beyonce is obviously so totally over that version of herself. She does the ‘Single Ladies' dance, dutifully flipping her hand around, but she rolls her eyes at the same time because she is SO TOTALLY OVER THAT NOW. Which you'd know if you'd read any of the controversy over her Mrs. Carter Tour.

But ultimately, Bey gets tired of her past selves cluttering up her current Pepsi commercial, so she does some sort of body contortion that explodes all the mirrors around her and she emerges unscathed. Because if anybody had that combination of skills, it would unquestionably be Beyonce.