Beyonce’s New ‘Partition’ Video Is So Sexy That You’ll Want To Have Sex With It

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Beyonce Partition Video


Somehow, Beyoncé managed to make her insanely sexy song “Partition” into an even sexier music video that I now can't stop staring at. The official music video for her single was just released online and it is hot hot hot. So hot, in fact, that I recommend that you keep one of those misting fans on hand the entire time. I don't want to take any chances and have your body overheat, which scientists say is a very likely outcome of this kind of experience.

The video was a part of Beyoncé's secret visual album, otherwise known as the time Beyoncé ascended to her official position as a God among humans. But now, it's available on YouTube for all to see and love and be seduced by. Because, although Jay Z is the one who's actually receiving her bedroom eyes, you're not getting through this video without feeling personally seduced by Beyoncé. It's one of those things that just impossible to do, so let's all just accept our fates.

I should warn you that the video's title says that it's the clean version, but I'm thinking that “clean” is being used pretty liberally here. So, if you're at work and have a hovering boss, don't even try to watch this in secret. Anyone within a 25 mile radius will be drawn to your screen and then the cat will be out of the bag. What I'm saying is, invite everyone over to watch along with you and make it an office-wide Beyoncé Appreciation Day. At least that way, when you can't stop watching it for the rest of the day like me, you'll have some company to share your new obsession with.