Jealous Beyonce Haters Claim The Queen Got A Nose Job

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Beyonce won the Super Bowl. We all know it. Her performance was so incredible that it literally blew the power out in the stadium. The show couldn't go on without her. Joseph Gordon-Levitt tweeted that her show rivaled half time appearances by Prince and Michael Jackson and you know what? He was right.

But with real talent comes haters, and Beyonce's haters are creative. PETA is pissed at her for the outfit she wore during her mind-blowing performance, and let's not forget the fake pregnancy rumors. (I believe in you, Blue Ivy!) And now, the latest Beyonce rumor has to do with her nose. I don't know why anyone was paying attention to her nose instead of her dancing, but people are saying that Beyonce debuted a new nose at the Super Bowl. I'm going to tell you upfront that I think this is one celeb plastic surgery rumor that is way off, but you can take a look at the pictures and judge for yourself.

Here's Beyonce back when she was pregs with Blue Ivy (I figure this makes a good comparison because I highly doubt she was doing any plastic surgery while pregnant, and as far as I know, noses do not gain weight during pregnancy):

beyonce 2 211111

And here's a gif of her fabulous Super Bowl performance:


Looks like the same nose to me. Also, let's keep in mind that it's hard to compare pictures with different facial expressions. Because noses can look really different depending on whether someone is smiling or not… as you can obviously see in the gif above. And makeup also makes faces look different. You can tell that in the Super Bowl performance, Beyonce had some contouring going on – lighter makeup on the bridge of her nose and darker on the sides, which makes the nose look more narrow. That plus the bright lights make her face look a little different, but I don't think it looks like she's had any work done. As we all know by now, celebrities look awfully different depending on their makeup situations.

So THERE. That's my case for the “Beyonce didn't have a nose job” side of things. But the evidence is all right there for you to formulate an opinion.

(Photos: HRC/WENN.com, PNP/WENN.com, GIF: Tumblr)