I Dare You To Listen To Beyonce’s New Song And Not Get Misty-Eyed

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Beyonce Halloween Costume

While I am falling deeper into love with Beyonce lately, I must admit she's not exactly known for songs that bring a tear to the eye.  Anthems that make me slosh my drink on the dance floor as I sing at the top of my lungs and dance my heart out, yes.  Sentimental, uplifting ballads that make you feel like she's your guardian angel here on earth, not so much.

…Until today.  When I listened to her new song, “God Made You Beautiful”, I was kind of expecting it to be a little cheesy.  I'm cynical, okay?!  (And also a little bit of a bitch.)  I don't just go around listening to songs about God and beauty.  I much prefer a fun, dance-y number, or a jazzy showtune. Judging by the title alone, the new Beyonce song doesn't have many similar companions in my iTunes library.  But I listened to it, because why not?  Beyonce is awesome.  And a lot of today's music sucks.

Oh my God, you guys. Wasn't that magical?  The beginning kind of reminded me of the opening number in The Lion King in the best way possible.  The song was written about and for Blue Ivy, and I don't care if she fakes a thousand more pregnancies – she loves that little girl.  I closed my eyes and listened to the song twice, imagining Beyonce tenderly stroking my hair while her angel wings fluttered softly in the sunlight.

It's not the kind of song that's going to get played in clubs or high school proms, but it reminds me of “Halo” and how much I'm loving Beyonce these days. Win-win.

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