Beyonce Posts A Photo Of Herself Sitting Naked In A Hammock, Because Why Not?

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Beyonce naked hammock 2013

Beyonce's not one to miss out on a trend. In fact, she's usually the one starting the trend and then laughing at everyone who's copying her while she's off doing something totally new. So that's why it's so weird that it took her so long to share a desperate-for-attention half-naked photo to social media. Yes, apparently the latest way to get people to notice you is to just take your clothes off and allow your fans to ogle it. And even Queen Bey isn't immune to the temptation. She posted the above photo to her website, and from the looks of it I don't reckon she's wearing any clothes. Of course, she could in theory be wearing a skimpy bikini, but clearly the photo is intended to make it look like she's nude. But why?

I must say at least it's more artfully done than Kim Kardashian's ass selfie, and at least as far as I can tell Jay-Z didn't send her a public sext about rushing home to be with her. And her facial expression is much more serene than Nicki Minaj's “look at my enormous purple leopard print pasties or die” photo. But I feel like all this endless public adoration has really gone to Beyonce's head. Last week I named her one of ten celebrities who need to go away for a year so they don't get overexposed, and this photo just solidifies that for me.

Not only am I tired of female celebrities putting their bodies on display instead of just impressing us with their talent — something Beyonce undoubtedly possesses — but it's also beginning to look extremely hypocritical for these stars to post selfie after self-centered selfie to social media but then turn around and ask us to please respect their privacy. I think there's something to be said for exposing your life on your own terms, but once you say, “Hello everyone, here's my naked body for no reason,” you really start to contradict yourself. Do you want the attention or don't you? There has to at least be a happy medium, and it doesn't involve nude hammock photos.

(Images: Beyonce)