Beyonce Lyrics Read As Dramatic Monologues Is Everything You Never Knew You Wanted

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Beyonce monologues

Do you ever read the lyrics to a popular song and think, “Wow, this sounds so much different in my head from how it sounds when that person sings it. That's what they're saying there? Wow, this changes a lot”? Well, when someone takes it a step further and gives a dramatic reading of those lyrics, it's even more eye-opening. And that's what Nina Millin does in her YouTube series “The Beyoncelogues.” That's right; she delivers Beyonce's song lyrics as if she were in a dramatic play, and it is amazing.

Nina told Esquire she came up with the concept when she found she couldn't pull off Beyonce songs on karaoke but still wanted to “experience the drama.” She's done the readings for three songs so far — “Irreplaceable,” “Mine,” and “If I Were a Boy.” I enjoyed them for a few reasons. First, Nina really sells it, and her sassiness in “Irreplaceable” is so inspiring it made me want to immediately get a boyfriend just so I could break up with him and throw all his stuff in a box to the left.

Second, it actually taught me some of the lyrics. A lot of the time when I'm singing along to a Beyonce song, or any song, really, 50% of the words out of my mouth end up being gibberish or random humming. And the thing that makes it all work is that Beyonce's lyrics are pretty conversational to begin with, so taking the music away from them makes it sound like it could maybe be part of some melodrama — albeit a totally fierce one. I'm just waiting for high school kids to start reciting these lyrics as auditions for the spring play. If they use the one for “Mine,” they can only hope to deliver the “We should get married” line as flawlessly as Nina.