Beyonce Writes Touching Letter To President Obama On Election Day

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It's no secret that Beyonce loves President Obama with all her heart; if her and Jay-Z‘s giant fundraiser for him didn't give her away, her cute letter to the first lady did.

Now, she's thrown the full powers of her sentimental letter-writing abilities behind the POTUS on election day, penning a letter telling him (and the world) how much he inspires her:

Is Beyonce's support enough to get out the vote among young African Americans and R&B enthusiasts? Do you like her folksy flairs, like capitalizing OBAMA? Does it seem like a school kid wrote this letter, and if so, is that because of the breathlessly enthusiastic tone, or the simple fact that nobody writes letters anymore? Is Beyonce powerful enough to singlehandedly bring back the lost art of letter writing?

One thing's for sure: if (when?) Obama gets re-elected, I'd like to see Bey appointed to a cabinet post. Minister In Charge Of Inspirational Letters and Bootyliciousness has a nice ring to it, no?

(Via Rap-Up)

Photos: WENN, Beyonce