Beyonce And Jay-Z Are Showing Footage From Their Secret Wedding During Concerts

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Beyonce and Jay Z laughing together on red carpet GIFHow do Jay Z and Beyonce do it? Every time I think I'm gonna pump the brakes on following their every move, they find a way to loop me back in again, and this time it's with footage of their secret wedding. Goddamn goddamn.

As anyone who's anyone knows, Jay and Bey are performing together for their On The Run Tour, a series of concerts conveniently timed to help us forget that whole Solange Knowles attacking Jay in the elevator thing. I mean, technically the tour was announced before the footage of Beyonce's sister tearing into Beyonce's husband leaked, but they were really lucky to have something to promote immediately after, and they've really thrown their back into helping us forget about it ever since.

…and goddamnit you guys, it's working. Because wedding footage? Really?? Nobody's seen that, and these two got married all the way back in 2008! So keeping it under wraps for six full years? That's some secret-vault, next-level shit, and you know I wanna get a look at that. You can see Jay Z and Beyonce getting their ‘IV' tattoos together, as well as Jay putting the ring on Bey's finger, and the two of them walking down the aisle together with Bey in a wedding dress. I'll say that again — Beyonce in a wedding dress. HOW ARE YOU RESISTING WATCHING THIS VIDEO RIGHT NOW.

There's also a portion that shows a bunch of home videos of their daughter, Blue Ivy, according to an audience member who spoke to Us Weekly:

“There were videos of Blue in the pool with her mom, walking holding hands with her parents, Jay Z kissing Blue. It was a sweet moment — Jay Z and Beyoncé were both facing the screen watching the Blue videos while they sang ‘Halo.' It was like they were singing the song to their baby girl. The two of them were beaming, smiling watching their little girl on the screen. It was incredible. “Jay Z said [we’re] ‘celebrating love tonight' and you could definitely see the love between him and Beyonce on stage. Their chemistry is amazing.”

YASSSSSS LOOOOOOOOVE! It's almost enough to make you forget that Beyonce got that very tattoo lasered off recently. Almost.

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