This Photo Of Jay-Z Hugging Beyonce After Her Performance Wins The Internet Today

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beyonce jay-z hug super bowl

I can't stop staring at this photo of Jay-Z hugging Beyonce after her Super Bowl half time show performance last night. It's just too much. Too much love and too much adorableness and too much success contained in such a small space.

In a world where love usually only exists to sell magazine covers and movie tickets, it's always refreshing to see a famous couple who actually seems to like each other. Maybe I've been watching too many commercials for Jared, but I just have this wonderful feeling that Jay-Z truly loves watching his wife perform on stage. Like he looks forward to it just as much as the rest of us do. And I also have a feeling that he's the first person she wants to see after she gets off stage. That his hug means more to her than all the applause and all the awards and all the videos online of people doing her signature Single Ladies dance.

I truly believe that they meant that embrace. In the same way that I believe that moments after this photo got taken, they sent a cryptic text to the Illuminati Electricity Team that it was time to cut the lights. That the only thing that would ever follow Beyonce's act would be a complete power outage. Because to attempt to do anything after that's an insult to her performance and an insult to Jay-Z and an insult to everything they do for us as a power couple every single day.

And I like to think that moments after the power went out, they disappeared. Just vanished into thin air. That one second everyone was all over them and the next second they're gone. Years from now,  in a TV special on 3D 20/20, an assistant will use the word evaporated. A bystander one will use the word teleportation. But no one will ever conclusively be able to say what happened that night. Or know that as people searched the stadium for the couple, they clinked their champagne glasses together in a toast to themselves and their beautiful lives from the comfort of their own home. That by the time the power went back on, they were already changed into the bedtime power suits and that they were standing peacefully over Blue Ivy's crib, just starring at her with amazement.

That's just something I like to think happened last night after this photo got taken. It's just magical enough that I might not be off the mark.

(Photo: Instagram)