Beyonce Is Giving Up ‘Faddy Diets’ To Be A Better Role Model For Blue Ivy

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It's not often that a piece of gossip from anonymous “sources” makes a celebrity look good, but then again, I've come to believe that Beyoncé is magic (or at least has a magical PR team). Despite looking amazing just a few months after childbirth, Bey has supposedly not succumbed to the pressure to crash diet, which is semi-believable if you take into account her voluptuous proportions and enviable genetics.

Via Bossip:

“She is all about being a good example to Blue, so has quit the fad diets and is just busy being a mom…She’s purposely eating three square meals a day of what she fancies. Whether that’s fried chicken or chips, she’s focusing on enjoying life rather than being skinny.”

Is this a quote planted by Bey's magical PR team, or is it true? Or maybe it's both? It's hard to believe the famous sex symbol is literally eating whatever the fuck she likes, as she probably wouldn't look the way she does right now if she were. She has often spoken about the balance she must strike between eating her favorite foods (like fried chicken) and keeping pop star slim. In the past, she solved this problem partly by positioning the other members of Destiny's Child in front of her hips; perhaps now, it will be handled by the fact that she's a successful powerful celebrity as well as a mom, and doesn't give a fuck what you think of her hips. In any case, I want to believe this is true. If anything, it'll give Blue Ivy Carter (and probably lots of other little girls as well) a more inclusive, less disordered view of what “beauty” looks like.

(Via Bossip)