Beyoncé Is Faking The ‘Boobs-Getting-Bigger’ Part Of Her Pregnancy, Too

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In her continuing efforts to trick us all into believing she's allowing a fetus to wreak havoc on her insanely valuable body, Beyoncé has left no detail up to chance. In addition to (maybe) wearing a prosthetic baby bump, it appears she's also faking the “boobs getting bigger” part of pregnancy, or at least, that's the idea I get from these photos that just came out.

While hosting a screening of her new DVD “Live at Roseland: The Elements of 4” in New York yesterday, Bey was so confident in the air tightness of her ruse that she wore a revealing little number. Maybe too revealing–as this picture shows, she had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction, and a push-up boob cutlet popped out of one side of her bra:

We know this is not simply a flesh-colored strapless bra, because the bra she was wearing was black (God bless hi-res images):

Now, what does this tell us? Taken alone, it doesn't necessarily mean anything; lots of women wear boob cutlets for reasons other than faking a pregnancy. But B's boobs have gotten pretty huge lately (as one's boobs typically do when one is pregnant), and it seems somewhat suspect that she would feel the need to wear prosthetics to make them even huger. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but taken together with the weirdly growing/shrinking/collapsing belly, I'm willing to add these photos to the pile of evidence that the only “love” Beyoncé has growing inside her is love for the surrogate she's paying to carry her and Jay-Z‘s genetic material to term.

(Via Mediatakeout)