As If Blue Ivy Needed One Thing To Live Up To, Beyonce Wows At The Super Bowl

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Beyonce half time show 2013

Like the rest of America, I just finished watching the 2013 Super Bowl Half Time show with my mouth hanging open. Holy Beyonce! She's like, very talented. Sometimes I think we spend so much time stalking her tumblr, trying to understand her relationship with Kimye and applying to be Blue Ivy's nanny that we forget just how good of a performer she is on stage. Apparently all the power's out at the stadium right now because Beyonce literally blew it away. So that's neat.

beyonce half time show 2013 super bowl

Dare I say it, this could be the best Super Bowl Half Time show in recent history. I mean, Madonna didn't really set the bar high last year with her audition for geriatric gymnastics. But it's still fair to say Beyonce really blew her away. And she did it without doing anything controversial. *Cough* M.I.A *Cough* She just put on a really good show.

Beyonce dancing super bowl

And just when I thought she couldn't impress me anymore with her Beyonce-back-up-singers, she brought Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams on stage for a Destiny Child's reunion. Seeing the gang back together again made me feel like I just won an intense game of Coke & Pepsi at a Bar Mitzvah party in the early '00s.

Destiny's Child half time show

Also it made me feel that it's not that crazy that we'll live to the see the day when Destiny's Child tours the country with *NSYNC, Backstreet Boys Bewitched, 2Gether and O-Town for an ULTIMATE Middle School reunion tour.


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