You Must Immediately Watch This Adorable Video Of Blue Ivy Singing Along With Beyonce

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Beyonce smiling talking to Blue Ivy on mic during a Grammys rehearsal 2014Hey, sorry if you're doing something important, but you have to stop it immediately, this very second, and watch this video of Beyonce and Blue Ivy talking to each other during a Grammy rehearsal. Honestly, I wouldn't say this if it wasn't amazing, but I'm considering scrapping this post altogether and spending the time just watching it over and over again. It's that adorable.

It was shot during a rehearsal for that performance of ‘Drunk In Love' that Bey opened the Grammys with, the one where she's pantsless and all oiled up, and basically a rotating reminder for America that we haven't been to the gym in three months and we'll never be as happy with anything as Beyonce is in her marriage.

But anyway, during that performance, near the end, apparently Blue got ahold of a microphone backstage, and was SINGING ALONG WITH BEYONCE A LITTLE BIT. It starts at a little after 4:40 and it's so cute, you guys. You never see Blue at all, but you hear her adorable little voice piping out ‘surfboard! surfboard!' from somewhere in the bowels of the auditorium as she watches her mom dance onstage with not-Jay Z. (Apparently it's her choreographer, Frank Gatson).

I'm gonna shut up now, because you'll see as soon as you watch the video, I promise.

forbeyhive by limbruglia
I don't know what's going on with me, but I am literally tearing up just re-watching it. Particularly from the moment that Beyonce first hears Blue's voice, the way that completely genuine smile comes over her face — I CANNOT HANDLE THAT SMILE. And then she's like, “Hi Blue-Blue!” and Blue says back, “Hi Mommy!” and then everything melts to pieces and I can't remember anything after that because my ovaries are too busy exploding.

Seriously I'm unfit to continue sitting at my desk. I need to go somewhere and procreate with something. Or else just watch this video ten thousand more times. I'm obsessed.