Beyonce Got Her Wedding Tattoo Removed, So What The Eff Is Going On Here

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Beyonce and Jay Z attending Miami Heat vs. Brooklyn Nets basketball game May 2014You'll have to forgive me if I'm not totally on my game today, because I'm just hearing that Beyonce got the tattoo commemorating her marriage to Jay Z removed, and now I don't know which way is up anymore.

It was that little Roman numeral IV sign on her left hand ring finger, which lived under her diamond, and she got it in 2010 to commemorate her April 4th, 2008 wedding. It also represents the two of their birthdays, as Beyonce was born on September 4th, and Jay was born on December 4th. And now it's GONE. She was wearing a bandage in a recent photo that she uploaded to Tumblr, and Yahoo points out that in a recent photo of Bey&Jay at a basketball game, you can see a little red scar on that finger. Almost as if the tattoo was never even there, and with no explanation! As if some of us didn't pin all our hope of love being real on the success of this celebrity couple.

On any other day, I might be able to let this roll off my back, knowing that people change their minds about tattoos all the time and it doesn't mean anything. And maybe I wouldn't be panicky about the fact that the only reason we were even able to see the scar is because Beyonce wasn't wearing her ring at said basketball game this past weekend. But this isn't a normal week. This is a week when footage leaked of Solange attacking Jay in the elevator at the Met Ball, so I'm on high alert.

All I'm saying is give your father and I a call. We miss knowing what's going on in your life and it's making us VERY NERVOUS ALL THE TIME.

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